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Learn at the XVI edition of the fair Belleza y Salud the art of cutting the beard

jueves 10 de agosto de 2017

Bogota, July 31st of 2017.- The care of the personal image has become a matter not only of women, since few years ago the beard has become an important trend in the personal image of men who nowadays attend to Barber Shops to get a comprehensive experience, where cutting, washing, combing and care of the beards require special treatment.

In the XVI edition of the fair Belleza y Salud, that will take place from September 27th to October 1st in Corferias, the audience will know from experts hands a line of products and utensils used to cut the beard and the hair of men.

"Beard design for men has have a strong reception in the beauty and personal care industry (...) Venturing to the existing market a complete and exclusive barbers line for men in this segment was a challenge and a necessity that today blooms with a great demand", assures Guillermo Barco, commercial director of Trading Nars, from the ENKOR brand.

With classic brushes, shavers, scissors, layers, razors, combs and more than twenty barber line references, Trading Nars, one of the companies that will be part of this new edition of Belleza y Salud, proposes to the market a variety of products that complement this trend.

"The beard can be like makeup, it defines the image, accentuates those features of the face that want to be highlighted and hide others so that they are not visible (...) among the most striking tendencies for men can be found the beards that fall to the middle of the chest and mustaches style handlebar (mustache)", says Guillermo Barco.

Trading Nars offers a professional line for barbers who want complete utensils as well as a line of personal use for those who autonomously polish their beards and cut their hair.

"During the XVI edition of the fair Belleza y Salud, we will be carrying out a live exhibition with a professional barber of how the ENKOR line of utensils are used, in the latest trends in cuts and beards for men", concludes Barco.

Types of beards according to the face

On oval faces it is advisable to wear styles that keep the hair on the chin shorter than the sides of the face, a Short Boxed cut would be the ideal.

So that the cheekbones do not stand out so much in this type of faces, a thick beard will make it look much more masculine. Hollywoodian beards or a Dotch Old would give a very good result on the face.

A full beard for this type of faces will make it look less square and thinner. A Ducktail or Klingon beard would look perfect.

For these types of faces it is important to avoid sideburns because they make the face look much more round, the padlock style characterized by a mustache that continues to the sides of the mouth and ends in the chin would be a very good option.

Trade show calendar

* This schedule could be changed without notice.