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About 56,000 visitors left the XVI edition of the Belleza y Salud fair

domingo 1 de octubre de 2017

  • More than 370 exhibitors gathered for five days to show the latest trends in cosmetics, wellness and hairdressing.
  • Italy, Brazil, Chile, the United States, Korea, Mexico, Portugal and Turkey were among the countries participating in the XVI edition of the Belleza y Salud 2017 fair.
  • Two Business Days and 359 citations between 141 exhibitors and 38 international buyers, left business spot for USD 708,825. 

Bogota, October 2, 2017. - Successful conclusion of the XVI edition of Belleza y Salud, the leading fair in the Andean Region, which brought together for five days the leading cosmetologists, beauticians, therapists, professional hairdressers and representatives of national and international famous brands, to show to about 56,000 national visitors the latest trends and advances related to the integral beauty for women and modern man. 

"Years after years we have strengthened ourselves as the greatest scenario around beauty and well-being in Colombia. In our XVI edition we had more than 370 exhibitors from America, Asia and Europe, different scenarios of updating and academic preparation such as the Sports Nutrition Workshop, the III International Congress of Integrative Aesthetics, the II Latin American Meeting of Micro Pigmentation and a wide program to be aware of the latest trends in haircutting, styling and makeup for men and women", said Ursula Sánchez, project manager at the fair. 

Caviar-based creams, 3D nails, 30-day smooth hair masks, sludge with cocktails essence, spray gel and creams to keep tattoos in good condition were some of the novelties that were known at the Belleza y Salud 2017 fair. 

"We have had the opportunity to close deals with entrepreneurs and interested public in our product. Without a doubt Latin America and especially Colombia is one of the scenarios in which we would like to rejoin to expand our company", said Stefano Barberini, manager of exports of Parisienne Italia. 

"This is our first participation in the fair and we were very satisfied with what we achieved. We gathered more than 80 barbers in three quadrilaterals to look for the best among the best. We had participants from Venezuela, the United States, Puerto Rico and Colombia (...) Without a doubt, Belleza y Salud is also a fair for the male public", said Mauricio Poveda, founder of Barber Life. 

During the Business Conference held on September 27th and 28th in Corferias with the support of ProColombia and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, local businesses were closed for USD 708,825. "We had 38 buyers from Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic Trinidad and Tobago (...) to 12 months we will close deals for USD 6,696,925", affirmed the Project Manager of the Belleza y Salud fair. 

"In this opportunity we were part of the Business Conference, and with surprise in two days we achieved commercial alliances with national companies that interested us and we are in negotiations with one of the most important fairs of the industry in Miami, where they want us to be the ambassadors (...) thanks to Belleza y Salud for helping us foster innovative products like ours", concluded Erika Crosby, SkinPerfect's business advisor. 

"The year has not been easy for the industry, but we are convinced that it is something temporary and that in December we will have a significant increase (...) that the small, medium and large entrepreneur has participated in spaces such as the business conference held during the Belleza y Salud fair, allows the exhibitor to open to new markets in the country and in Latin America by drawing and supporting the sector", concluded Juan Carlos Castro Lozano, Executive Director of the Chamber of Cosmetics and Cleanliness Industry of ANDI. 

At the XVI edition of Belleza y Salud visitors, spectators, exhibitors and the general public, once again confirm that this is, undoubtedly, the center of trends, innovations and most important update of the industry in the country and the Andean region.

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