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Let yourself be contagious by the handmade DNA of Colombia at Expoartesanías

EXPOARTESANIAS - www.expoartesanias.com
miércoles 11 de octubre de 2017

  • More than 900 artisans, 15 participating countries including Colombia and 12,300 mts2, will be able to visit the attendees to Expoartesanías 2017.
  • During the event there will be live demonstrations, days for national and international buyers, cultural shows and workshops.
  • With regional dishes, sweets, pastries and amasses, visitors can travel through traditional Colombian cuisine. 

Bogota October 16, 2017.- For 27 years, Expoartesanías has been the main stage where hundreds of artisans are known. The event, considered the largest and most important of the sector in Latin America, has been renewed for this edition, bringing together more than 900 artisans from Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Turkey and Uruguay, who will exhibit items of high content in design, exclusivity and quality applied to fashion, jewelry, decoration and home. 

5 pavilions on 12,300 square meters will be able to show more than 25,000 items of indigenous, afro descendant, contemporary and modern art. Handicrafts for the house, gastronomy and jewelry will have their own pavilion. 

The fair, organized by Artesanias de Colombia and the International Center of Business and Exhibitions of Bogotá (Corferias), promises to be a journey through our origins and traditions, brought to its most exclusive expression. 

"For Artesanias de Colombia it is a priority to rescue and protect the most peaceful job of the planet. Through their pieces the artisans express traditions, beliefs, thoughts, values and knowledge, they keep alive the legacy of their ancestors. Their products are a letter of introduction to the world and each one keeps the creative DNA of our country", anticipates Ana María Fries, general manager of Artesanias de Colombia. 

Distribution of Expoartesanías 2017 

The first level of the pavilion 1, "Institutional", will be dedicated to highlighting the work of Colombian craftsmen, who will showcase their products made in wood carving, weaving, basketwork, ceramics and textiles. Supported by Artesanias de Colombia, this space will be the first direct contact of these artisans with the sale of their products. In addition, the pavilion will have the presence of artisans who were benefited from the projects of Artesanias de Colombia and who will make an exhibition every day. 

The second level of pavilion 1, called "Origin cuisine", is a trip through Colombia from its flavors. Ethnic cuisine, regional cuisine, natural and organic products, traditional ‘amasijos’, traditional confectionery, contemporary confectionery with identity, preserves, dressings and artisan drinks, will be some of the more than 64 exhibitors that will have this pavilion. 

The first level of pavilion 3, "Traditional and Fashion", will be dedicated to the trades made by Colombian communities, recognized and identified by Artesanias de Colombia, who will exhibit utilitarian products applied to fashion and home. 113 exhibitors will be part of this pavilion. 

The second level of pavilion 3, "Etnias", will have a complete exhibition where more than 117 craftsmen will exhibit ancestral trades indigenous, afro descendants and rom. In this space can be find cultural expressions of each ethnic group and rituals that represent the pre-Columbian living heritage. 

Pavilion 5 - "Design Colombia", Artesanias de Colombia will have its own institutional pavilion, where visitors will be able to know of first hand artisan pieces unique in their category.

Level 1 of pavilion 6, "Mesa & Decoration" will have proposals for contemporary design in ceramics, cladding, stone, pottery and wood. About 174 workshops will exhibit table accessories, furniture, games, children's items and musical instruments. 

Level 2 of Hall 6, "International" will have a small and select meeting of 45 international producers from Bolivia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Turkey and Uruguay. Hundreds of references and stories from the world will accompany this XXVII edition of Expoartesanías 2017. 

El primer nivel del pabellón 8, “Oro, Plata e Hilos”, promete ser uno de los más visitados en esta edición gracias a la exhibición de piezas artísticas inéditas de joyería tradicional, contemporánea y bisutería. 

The first level of pavilion 8, "Gold, Silver and Threads", promises to be one of the most visited in this edition thanks to the exhibition of unpublished artistic pieces of traditional, contemporary and costume jewelry. 

A commemorative fair full of our identity, flavor and culture. This will be the XXVII edition of Expoartesanías, the most important craft meeting in Colombia that will be in Corferias from 6 to 19 December. 

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