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‘Le Marché’ in Expoartesanías 2018

EXPOARTESANIAS - www.expoartesanias.com
jueves 6 de diciembre de 2018

  • 7 stores with natural and traditional products from France.
  • Christmas cakes, wines, cheeses, charcuterie and jams are part of the commercial offer that could be visited during 14 days of fair.

 Bogotá – Colombia, December 6 of 2018 – The taste of a merlot with a delicious cheese and the aroma of fresh lavender are some of the experiences that any lover of the French culture can live in ‘Le Marché’, a French market for those who want to be taken to the City of Lights, in the context of Expoartesanías 2018.

“Le Marché will be open to all of those who miss the flavors and aromas of the French culture to explorers who enjoy discovering new products available in the Colombian market. It will be a place for meetings and exchanges between the French and Colombian communities, and for fans of fresh and gourmet products" said Stephane Desset, founder of 'Le Marché' in Colombia.

Liquors: for wine lovers, ‘Le Marché’ will have a big offer. The most recommended is 'Les Jolies Filles', a rosé wine, modern, elegant, refreshing, fruity and with a soft layer of rose petals.

France, the country of thousand cheeses: to eat with wine, visitors will find several types of cheeses; one of them is 'Sainte Maure', a goat cheese made in Colombia with artisanal techniques brought from the European country.

French Christmas patisserie: those who are looking for a delicious Christmas gift, 'Le Marché' will offer chocolates, truffles and Christmas trees made of biscuit. In addition, the best jams and jellies prepared with Colombian fruits but with French techniques.

Non-edible products: those who do not want to eat or drink will have the option of find organic and ecological essential oils to cure conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, gastritis, migraine, cramps, muscle pain and insomnia. Also, soaps created with the traditional Marseille and Grasse recipe, free of parabens, as well as products made with French lavender.

This market will be located in ‘Artesanías del Mundo’ (Crafts of the World) (Pavilion 6, 2nd floor) and will be the perfect place to experience and enjoy the taste of France for 14 days; this within the context of Expoartesanías 2018, a space to share with the family, an encounter with the ancestral, magical and modern, the main scenario in Colombia to know the work of artisans and their products made of creativity.

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