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interzum, the leading trade fair for wood processing, design and furniture manufacturing

From 14 to 17 May, interzum bogota, the global leader in wood processing, design and furniture manufacturing, returns to Corferias, Bogotá, as a platform showcasing the industry’s solutions, technology and innovations. Featuring participants from countries including Turkey, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Italy, Germany, India and the United States, this significant event will focus on innovation, the circular economy, design and sustainability, highlighting global trends and new solutions for an industry at the cutting edge.

After the remarkable success of the 2022 edition, which brought together 120 exhibitors and attracted over 10,000 visitors, the 2024 edition of interzum bogota promises to be an even more enriching experience. This momentum is supported by growing interest from participating brands, with demand so high that the event has completely sold out. With expectations including the participation of 220 exhibitors, the opening of a new hall and the attendance of 14,000 visitors from all over the world, this edition is poised to be one of the most remarkable in Colombia.

interzum bogota, a fair dedicated to new global trends

This edition will focus on the crucial themes of sustainability and the circular economy, reflecting the trade fair’s commitment to promoting responsible solutions within the industry. This direction emphasises the importance of adopting practices that not only protect forests but also encourage the sustainable use of resources in a country with immense forestry potential. With 24 million hectares suitable for commercial forestry plantations, Colombia represents a valuable opportunity to lead in sustainable forest conservation and management. The fair aims to be a platform that fosters innovation in natural resource management, positioning the industry as a beacon of environmental responsibility and good sustainability practices.

What does interzum bogota have in store this year?

High-value academic content

Aware of the ongoing need for valuable information in the sector, interzum bogota has prepared spaces such as Smart Talks and the Fedemaderas Forum, focused on sharing essential industry insights. This academic content is designed to connect attendees with industry leaders, and expert panels on regulations, trends and sustainability aim to provide knowledge that can transform the industry, offering professionals the necessary tools to innovate and adapt to changes responsibly and with a vision for the future.

Refreshed concepts with a new Piazza

The Piazza, inspired by its counterpart in Germany but unique in the Americas with its biennial showcase, is at the heart of interzum bogota when it comes to exploring research and new materials. This space highlights advances and possibilities in the use of legally sourced wood, offering a window into future trends in design and manufacturing. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to discover how continuous innovation is redefining the industry’s potential.

Interactive zones and industry knowledge spaces

The fair will feature areas dedicated to interaction and learning, such as the Creativity & Innovation Hub, designed to showcase the sector’s most advanced capabilities and techniques. These spaces will allow visitors to experience skills in carpentry, design and innovation in person through live demonstrations and presentations. It is a platform for exploring the latest trends and technologies, promoting an environment of knowledge exchange and encouraging collaboration among industry professionals.

This edition of the fair stands out because it will bring together significant industry allies, with all the experiential content of the fair delivered by experts. Leading organisations such as ACAI, Corma and Fedemaderas will enhance the experience of trade fair visitors. Their involvement will make interzum bogota an unmissable event for learning and professional development, providing the ideal environment for attendees to explore the innovations and trends transforming the industry’s future.

“We are proud to offer the Colombian industry a gateway to global innovation at interzum bogota, where the best of the international market is available. This event is a clear invitation to explore new directions, strengthening our commitment to helping the industry progress and propelling it into the future,” explained Christian Guarin, Managing Director of Koelnmesse Colombia.

interzum bogota 2024 will be a comprehensive experience, designed to offer enhanced opportunities that our participants will be able to seize in the future. From business meetings that facilitate valuable connections to exchanges with a variety of exhibitors and participation in activities aimed at maximising learning and networking, the fair has been carefully planned to support the growth and development of its participants and attendees.

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