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As the organizer of local, national and international exhibitions, events and conventions, Corferias has worked for 60 years furthering the industrial and commercial development in Bogotá and in Colombia. We are at present a hallmark for the city, and the growth of our industry is based on economic, social and environmental sustainability.
For this reason, setting up Social Responsibility programs and practices is a priority for Corferias, the aim being to transcend our value chain and impact areas such as: protecting the environment, building strong relations with the neighboring community, meeting the needs of our associates, exhibitors and visitors, and integrating our suppliers and contractors by means of efficient, coordinated and sustainable procurement and contracting processes.

Social Perspective
Environmental Perspective
perspectiva social

CORFERIAS places great importance on maintaining optimal relations with its stakeholders; and we work constantly on programs and actions to to continue to meet their needs and expectations.

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perspectiva ambiental

Corferias is intent on improving its processes and services within the perspective of environmental protection.

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Our neighboring community:

Another priority is to underpin our links with our neighbours, and therefore we have put a premium on lasting relationships based on trust and respect. We have created a Corporate Relations Office, which maintains communication channels between residents of local neighborhoods and CORFERIAS.

Modernización - Corferias
C-Buen vecino
Internacionalización - Corferias
Periódico enla-C
Innovación - Corferias
C-Buen Vecino: program was created in 2011 to construct and maintain relations of trust and respect with members of the neighbouring community. By 2016, we had registered 5,800 neighbours, who have enjoyed benefits and activities organized to encourage integration and healthy coexistence.

Relations based on meeting and active participation have been important to CORFERIAS and to the C- Good Neighbor program since the outset, we have provided neighbors registered with films and presentations containing a mix of theatre, music, dance, poetry, and other artistic expressions. We have also held training sessions and talks on issues of health, prevention, attention to emergencies, first aid, recycling, separation of refuse at source, security and civic coexistence, responsible pet ownership, and other issues. Benefits include free entry to general-interest fairs.

The bulletin enla-C
enla_c is a medium which puts CORFERIAS in contact with its neighbours, and has become a tool for recording information about the borough Teusaquillo and the city as a whole. The bulletin also publishes initiatives and new projects in CORFERIAS which impact local areas, with opinions, comments and complaints received.

We have published now more than 55 numbers of enla-C and distributed 200,000 copies in the seven neighbourhoods near CORFERIAS. A digital versión is available through www.enlac-corferias.com 
C-emplea: is a recent solution we are offering locally, to publish job opportunities in the community, and to receive résumés from people in the neighbourhood who want to take part in the selection process.

In order to maintain open and ongoing communication with our community and to become aware of their requests, complaints we have the following communication channels.

Our suppliers

We strongly believe that our suppliers and contractors form a fundamental part of our service strategy. It is therefore a priority for us to optimize relations with these stakeholders, and to ensure that we have a sustainable and responsible value chain.

  • Supplier Development for Shared Value Generation: We work jointly with the the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce to promote the strengthening of CORFERIAS suppliers, and have initiated a process of formation that seeks to help improve business management, and to increase the productivity and competitiveness of our suppliers.
  • As a result of this process, 27 contracting companies have received benefits, through training, which includes the following issues: administration, legal and process, production and quality, marketing and sales, finance and social, Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Assignment of stands and support to social foundations

CORFERIAS contributes to the management of the actions of foundations, non-profit organizations and some public entities, by providing special concessions of stands at some of the fairs, and the free use of our romos. We have become the scenario for these entities to publicize and strengthen their social work for the benefit of vulnerable groups.

We have enabled the following to take part in this scheme:
  • Fundación Simmon
  • Fundación Portal Magico
  • Fundación Conciencia Social
  • Fundación Tierra Nativa
  • Fundación Hilos de Oro
  • Propais
  • Fenalco
  • The Family Welfare Institute - ICBF
Engagement with campaigns:

Fundación Sanar: Corferias joined the “Tapas de Vida” (Caps for Life) campaign led by Sanar, a non-profit Colombian foundation which has worked for 30 years supporting children with cancer and their families, from diagnosis through to comprehensive care of this disease. The campaign consists of collecting plastic caps which Fundación Sanar sells to recycling organizations and, with those funds, it then finances medical, social and psychological support programs for the benefit of these young boys and girls in their fight against the disease.

Tapas fundación sanar

Dividendo por Colombia: In 2013, Corferias and 42 of its associates contributed a total of $4.772.000 pesos to help 75 children and youths in a situation of vulnerability to develop competencies and values that would enable them to participate in the social and productive life of the country in more favorable conditions.

Fundación Social por Bogotá: We are active supporters of this non-profit organization that develops education, social and humanitarian programs with the aim of improving the living conditions of the communities of Cazucá, Soacha and Ciudad Bolívar.

Tapas fundación sanar

New buildings incorporate elements of sustainability such as wide glass facades and skylights on the roofs to ensure optimal use of natural lighting and less energy consumption, natural ventilation, and use of rainwater for bathrooms and irrigation.
For the construction of the parking lot on Calle 25 Carrera 33, management of renewable natural resources was of paramount importance. We created a system for rainwater collection on the roof of the building for use in the garden. By design, this system of irrigation will enable the growth of the vines and other plants that will cover the entire façade of the parking lot. Additionally 28 trees will be planted on the neighboring sidewalks in order to contribute to public landscaping.
The design of Ágora Bogotá, the International Convention Center, meets the highest environmental sustainability standards. It will have a sophisticated natural ventilation system and will be equipped with state-of-the-art energy-efficient technologies. The purpose is to achieve lower energy consumption levels and use resources found in the surrounding environment in order to run all the systems, thus reducing the environmental impact.

parthner planet

In 2013,Corferias joined HP PLANET PARTNERS, an environmental protection program led by Hewlett Packard Colombia. It consists of returning HP toners used for regular office operations to the manufacturer for recycling back into the manufacturing process. Under this program, used printing cartridges are returned and recycled in an environmentally responsible way, thus lowering the number of units that end up in landfills.

Clasificación de residuos

In order to mitigate and control the environmental impact of waste generation, ecologic stations have been set up throughout the fair grounds inviting visitors to deposit different types of garbage in the right containers. The final classification then takes place in the waste material storeroom. In this way, plastics, cardboard and glass, which may be reused in industrial processes, do not end up in landfills. Additionally, we have launched campaigns at our offices to encourage the staff to implement responsible consumption practices, garbage separation at the source and the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – in particular as relates to the use of office paper.

Brigadas de aseo

The Cleaning Brigades were created in 2011 in order to clean the streets of the surrounding area. The cleaning crews work on weekends, during general-type tradeshows, and on election days.


During general-type exhibitions such as the Home fair, the International Book Fair, which attract a high volume of traffic to the area, we have the support of the Metropolitan Traffic Police and the District Secretary in the form of special operations to improve mobility in the area.

Moreover, in order to promote the use of the parking lots by visitors to the tradeshows, Corferias established free circular routes to leave and return to the different parking lots on foot safely and promptly.


Our calendar of events includes exhibitions related to environmental protection and the efficient use of natural resources, as well as events to promote and exhibit progress made in Colombia in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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