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Reasons to be an exhibitor

Ser expositor en Corferias

Fairs and expositions are a great tool for commercialization and promotion. They have the advantage over other tools (direct mail, internet, publicity, etc.) to use contact and interaction with exhibitors, buyers, and products. Fairs are also a great tool of communication which helps the approach to the customer through the direct contact and participation in many different parallel activities such as technical workshops, seminaries, business rounds, food tasting, cocktails, etc. They are the gathering point for suppliers, distributors, retailers, and investors.

They give us a quick access to new market information and of out competitors and they are the gateway to new markets.

Even though the principal intention of every company is to participate in a fair in order to offer its products, there are other objectives that must be considered in the moment of evaluation and participation in a fair or exposition, among these we find:

  • Promote or consolidate your image.
  • Study new markets.
  • Evaluate your competitors.
  • Make your products known.
  • Select new suppliers.
  • Find agents or distributors.