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Advantages of participating in a fair

Ventajas ser expositor en Corferias

  1. Concentration: The companies must find, in a concentrated way, in the same place and briefly, permitting the company to make a high number of personal contacts with potential clients, intermediaries, and operators in general.
  2. Opportunity to spread the image of the company and present your products to an elevated number of people. The exhibitors could even be able to close transactions during the event.
  3. Permits the evaluation of the interest level and reaction of the buyers: There is a "retro-feedback" because the exhibitor can see if the product adjusts or not to the market.
  4. Knowledge of the competitors: The exhibitors can analyze the products and prices of their competitors.
  5. Permits the evaluation of the conditions of the company in order to attend the requests that usually happen in the national / international market.
  6. Access to technical and advertising information of the competitor: The exhibitors can be able to obtain technical and advertising documentation.
  7. Actualization of technical information: The exhibitors can get information regarding to technological novelties about the latest tendencies of the market, which can be very useful for the creation of new products or for the growth of the already existing products.
  8. Specialized Seminaries about many technical aspects and market tendencies.
  9. Extend commercial actions upon present buyers and potential buyers in a personalized context such as business breakfasts, lunches, dinner, meetings, etc.