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How to be an exhibitor

Como ser expositor en Corferias

The company that wants to become an exhibitor must consult the fair calendar and find the event the represents the sector of the product or products the exhibitor wants to display and / or promote. Once the event is chosen, the exhibitor can find all the information regarding to participation fees and the distribution of available stands through the event’s page or calling the commercial department of the corporation.

The interested companies will receive from Corferias’ commercial department integral advice that will permit a better participation in the event. All of this is according to the proposed objectives, the profile of the company, and / or the products or services that the company offers. If by any chance, one of these factors doesn’t adjust to the commercial development of the event, the commercial department will help the company find a fair that best suits its needs.

Principal activities during participation:

  1. Fill out the form of reservation and subscription of the official catalogue. Sign it and hand it to the event’s coordinator.
  2. Make the anticipated payment according to the event that you are going to participate.
  3. Proceed to sign the rent contract and invoice.
  4. Attend the exhibitor reunions programmed by Corferias.
  5. Make the different payments in the given dates.
  6. Fill out the ID solicitation form which will permit the entrance to the fairground during the mounting, exposition, and amounting of the fair.
  7. Enroll your company to the business round if it’s programmed for the event.
  8. Fill out the forms for entrance of merchandise according to the origin of the products that are going to be displayed. Sign those documents and hand them to alongside the required support to the foreign trade office.
  9. Make the entry of the foreign merchandise according to the procedures established by the foreign trade office.
  10. Ask for and fill out the parking ticket to use during the fair.
  11. Receive the stand in the given date and time.
  12. Mount and decorate your stand during the established dates, before the opening and inauguration of the fair.
  13. Fill out the solicitation form for additional services (electricity, telephone, water, drain, furniture, televisions, internet access, shelves, tables, etc.) that are required for your stand and then hand it to the technical department.
  14. Pay the service solicitation at the treasury department of the corporation in order for the delivery and installation can take place.
  15. For detailed information, check the participation procedure of the event you are interested in.