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Services for exhibitors

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Where can I request the Corferias services?

Corferias offers to you an integral service for exhibitors and organizer trough the Unify Services Platform – PLUS. You will be able to find the expert advice from our personal.

PLUS Corferias

What kind of procedures can be performed in Corferias PLUS?
  • Pay for services and reservations.
  • Pay of stand’s areas.
  • To obtain a stand area and merchandise insurance.
  • To get expert advice about the national or international merchandise, as well the DIAN papers.
  • To obtain advice or authorization for stand building architecture.
  • To obtain parking vouchers, credentials and invitations.

¿Which are the Corferias services for exhibitors?

We offer to our exhibitors and event’s organizers a full portfolio of services and facilities, like support on planning and events participation on our full activities.

Our service model for exhibitor is based on 3 pillars:

Make efective business contacts
Modernización - Corferias
Business roundtable
Internacionalización - Corferias
and information points
Innovación - Corferias
Trade fairs
official catlog

The Business Roundtable is an instrument to promote trading, it works as a pocket of effective contacts enabling businessmen to make personal meetings better addressed and focused on interested buyers directly to their products, in order to generate business, agreements and transactions. This is how the aim of the roundtable is to contribute to enterprise integration facilitating business opportunities to businessmen and institutions in general.

Corferias in the last 5 years has made more than 60 roundtables for different sectors, using our web app for the scheduling of appointments, that in an agile and versatile way facilitates the matching of buyers and sellers, as well as qualified personnel who is available to support the whole process, from registration to the development of the roundtable.

For more information, contact
Diego Laverde
International Buyers Coordinator
Tel (571) 3810000 Ext. 5327


For our visitors and buyers, we offer the assembly and running on service of systematized information points, equipped with furniture, consultation teams and appropriate signage. These information points are attended by qualified staff in terms of experience and service.

Registration Systemswe provide to event organizers the registration management service for visitors and buyers.

We have a system of pre-registration of professional buyers, survey and management of databases, access control and statistical information management.

We also offer service accreditation and identification of attendees to seminars, conferences and all kinds of events, using customized badges, barcode and statistical information management.

For more information, contact:
Alejandro Hernandez
Operational Coordinator
Tel (571) 3810000 Ext. 5606


We have the Official Catalogue of Exhibitors, a tool released in print, which promotes the participation of exhibitors at our trade fairs, which includes all the information about the fair: the exhibitor list with contact details, maps, calendar of events, etc..

Our exhibitors have the right to receive a catalog per stand and all our visitors/buyers can purchase them during the tradeshow in the information points located at the fairgrounds for COP $10,000 to COP $20,000 (depending on the fair), or after the fair at PLUS office.

Modernización - Corferias
Virtual stand
Internacionalización - Corferias
Innovación - Corferias
Public relations

We facilitate the promotion of products and/or services to exhibitors free of charge, from the time of the agreement until long after the event is held over, for that, we have a Virtual Stand that can be found on each trade fair webpage

Through this service we offer our clients:

  • The opportunity to publish a comprehensive description of its business and up to 30 products on the trade fair webpage.
  • Having 24-hour on-line products
  • Establish business contacts with potential stakeholders.



In the frame of our trade fairs and events, we have available to exhibitors, a professional press team performing the approach to national and international media, through a press campaign that includes reporting and news, to spread information through Free Press about innovative products, activities, releases and academic/complementary programming.

Those who want to use this service must send to the press office the following information:

  • Name and specialty of the exhibitor company
  • Description of the samples to exhibit at the fair
  • Dates and times of special activities to perform within the framework of the event.


For more information contact:
Jenny González
FMC Coordinator
Tel (571) 3810000. Ext. 5077-79 o 5080-89


Our Public Relations Department assist Exhibitors in:

  • Management of Business Visas.
  • Support and coordination of social and academic activities.
  • Specialized professionals in Public Relations and protocol.
  • Logistical coordination in the development of different acts and events like releases, inaugurations, meetings, roundtables, board meetings, cultural and social activities.
This advice to our Exhibitors for events and trade fairs held in the Corporation aims to satisfy the commercial, cultural and social needs within a framework of productivity, development and building of relationships.


For more information contact:
Johana Vasquez
Assistant Public and Corporate Relations
Tel (571) 3810000 ext. 5061

Innovación - Corferias
Corferias Conecta
Modernización - Corferias

Corferias Conecta is a digital app for exhibitors of our specialized tradeshows, It allows you get contacts and profiles of the professional visitors whose visit your stand.


Through our partnership with Banco Davivienda S.A., we offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services tailored to their needs.

For exhibitors
100% financing for the lease of the stand, assembly and special services at preferential rates.

For institutional or specialized buyers:

  • Financing up to 100% of the purchase, extending special fair rate for a time after the end of the trade fair and with the Guarantee of the National Guarantee Fund.
  • Current account and overdraft quota
For Visitors: Credit Card branded Davivienda-Corferias Cfiel
DAVIVIENDA and CORFERIAS have created the Credit Card branded Davivienda-Corferias Club Cfiel, this card comes from the need to provide financial solutions and payment facilities for visitors to the different trade fairs in which retail sales are made by delivering credit cards that offer added values.
  • The credit card will be valid for eight years, renewable according to the request of each customer and policies established by Davivienda.
  • The benefits of Corferias included in TCMC will be active and subject to the validity of the credit card, once the bank report to Corferias canceling or deactivating a credit card, immediately shall be also disable membership card Club Cfiel unless the customer has met attendance requirements and registration of purchases needed to continue in the Loyalty program of Corferias.
  • The membership card Club Cfiel being delivered by the acquisition of TCMC without eligibility for purchases or assists will be valid until December 31st of the current year and, for the following calendar year the client must meet the continuity requirements established into the Loyalty program of Corferias whether to keep the effect for the following year.
To resolve your concerns or request more information about this product visit any of the offices of Davivienda, its virtual channels or contacting the call center by calling 3383838 or toll free in Bogota 01 8000 123 838.


To solve your concerns about the Club Cfiel Card memebership call 3810000 Ext. 5309 - 5409

And for exhibitors, organizers and visitors:

  • ATM network within the fairgrounds.
  • Advice on financing plans.
  • Office for transactions, products and currency exchange.


Count on infrastructure and logistics
Modernización - Corferias
Foreign trade
Internacionalización - Corferias
Freight logistics

We advise our exhibitors in foreign trade and customs matters, such as rules, processes, filling out forms for entry of goods to the site, among others. We also offer support in each of the processes that take place in our permanent special free zone, depending on the nature of the freight, looking for having a smooth entry.

The International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogota, CORFERIAS, was declared Permanent Special Free Zone, for that reason, for the entry of the goods into the site you should consider the following information:

  • As an exhibitor you can fill the form of domestic merchandise or nationalized for the entry of your goods to the trade fair in which you will participate
  • The income of goods from abroad without nationalizing, for display or sample without commercial value must be filled out by a customs agent, who will be the person authorized before DIAN for advance this process.
  • According to the current Colombian law, the entry of goods as accompanied baggage is NOT contemplated, therefore, the exhibitor must fill out the change of regime before DIAN at the airport upon arrival to the country. In any case the exhibitor is solely responsible to the competent authority if chooses to bring its goods by this way.
To the Special Permanent Free Trade Zone of Corferias should not enter goods that they are NOT duly or legally protected or freely available since they can be apprehended by the DIAN.


For more information contact:

María Piedad Ramírez Fontecha
Hernando Gómez Higuera
Diego Benavides
Andres Felipe Rodríguez
Michael Sarmiento
Rodrigo Santos
Jeny Rojas
Ext. 5560
Ext. 5561
Ext. 5563
Ext. 5567
Ext. 5608
Ext. 5657
Ext. 5716



AlpopularAs an expert in freight logistics, Alpopular S.A. offers to exhibitors of Corferias the following services:

  • National, air and land transportation
  • International, sea, air and land transportation
  • Introduction of goods to Free Zone Corferias
  • Movement of goods into the fairgrounds
  • Web sitewww.alpopular.com


For more information contact::
Point of service at Corferias fairgrounds
Tel (571) 3810000 ext. 5634
Cel 318 2802234

Internacionalización - Corferias
Asembly and
dismantling of stands
personal de apoyo
Logistics support staff
Innovación - Corferias
Food & Beverage

In order to provide our Exhibitors and Organizers comprehensive services that allow a memorable experience, we provide advice on the design, production, assembly and signaling stands

To complement both decorating your stand and get other services to help you in managing your exhibition Corferias offers hiring service of:

Technical Services
servicios tecnicos
  • Electricity: Setup of electrical installations, reflectors and adjustable arms.
  • Telecommunications: Installation and maintenance of telephone networks, internet, network points and connection points for dataphone.
  • Water, propane gas and compressed air.
  • Internet WI-FI.
The services form can be found on the website of Corferias www.corferias.com entering by Services Portfolio - For Exhibitors - General Services - Request for services.


The voltage supplied by Corferias is 110 volts, in single phase and 208 volts in three-phase (with a range of up to 5% maximum), both with a frequency of 60 Hz. The use of stabilizers and/or voltage regulators to strengthen the protection of computers and electronics is recommended.


To hire the services check first the Watts of the equipment you will use in your stand during the fair and add these values in that way you will get the total Watts you need.

Detalle del consumo de electrodomésticos

If you want to have 24-hour electricity service for supply to refrigerators or machines that need regular supply, it is important to communicate during the fair days, otherwise the service will be disconnected at the close of the pavilion.

Remember not to overload the capacity of the electrical outlet with additional elements.

Exhibitors must ensure that the personnel performing electrical installations, is enrolled in the CONTE (National Council of Electrical Technicians) and complies with the Technical Regulations for Electrical Installations (RETIE).

Water, Comprised air and Gas

It is advisable to seek support prior to hiring these services..

More information
Furniture and decorative items
servicios tecnicos
  • Indoor, outdoor gardening design
  • Walls and vertical gardens design
  • Stand design
  • Variety of plants and pots for hire
  • Floral arrangements
mobiliario corferias


Corferias delivers standard signaling of the stand, with company name and booth number. If you want a special photo decoration you can request more information by emailing to asarnary@corferias.com and/or aanguel@corferias.com or by calling the ext 5760 - 61.

mobiliario corferias
More information
Audiovisual equipement Wall partition systems
servicios tecnicos

In support of participation, Corferias assembles your stand with the basic parameters of paneling and wall partitions. When it comes to special exhibitions, Corferias has business partners that support the exhibitor in this work.
The wall partition system fulfills a bounding Corferias and no structural function, therefore they can only hang items such as paintings, posters, etc., with weight no more than 5kg per 1mt panel white.
The maximum height allowed in the halls is 2.40 mts. If for reasons stand design is required more than the set height, it must be separated from the adjacent stands at least 1 meter and shall require for permission from the Head Assembly, who reserves the right to approve the request.

Logistics support staff

We bring advise on planning and field production. We have qualified staff to: registration, access, security, protocol, simultaneous translation, maintenance, sound, electricity, cleaning, among others.


Food & Beverage

offer to our customers a wide variety of choices in food and beverage for the care of your corporate, academic and social events. Within the fairgrounds you will enjoy a unique dining experience tailored to your particular needs, with ongoing support and service of dedicated professionals of the hotel and F&B industry.

ARCO restaurante arco restauranteis a space for business and leisure with excellent gastronomic level, varied and international menu and warm, personalized service. Located in Pavilion 17 Level 4.


ARCO Bararco bar
a cozy meeting point with an important proposal of national and international drinks and liquors. Located in Pavilion 13 (Mezzanine).

is an innovative dining experience, agile, to go, delicious and conveniently located that seeks to respond and adapt to the diverse tastes of our visitors.

For more information, contact:
Guillermo Herrera Pinilla
Food and Beverage Manager
Tel (571) 3810000 ext. 5505

Enjoy Bogotá, a charming city
Modernización - Corferias
Internacionalización - Corferias
Bogotá tour plans
Innovación - Corferias
Hoteles Estelar - Recomend
Corferias - Hoteles Estelar alliance

The agreement with this Hotel chain allows us to offer our clients accommodation service with high standards and access to the following benefits:

  • Special rates for accommodation during the trade fair
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Unlimited internet service
  • Transport Airport-Hotel-Corferias and Hotel-Airport for Hoteles Estelar de la Feria and Estelar Apartamentos Aeropuerto.
  • Central service from the airport El Dorado, Entrance 5

For more information please contact our Reservation Cente 6088080
Mail: feriasycongresos@hotelesestelar.com

Hoteles estelar

Hotel Estelar de la Feria

The perfect location for your business trips; a few steps from Corferias and 7 minutes from the airport you will find Hotel Estelar de la Feria. It counts on

  • 106 completely renovated rooms, all services and the newest technology for your attendance at the trade fairs.
  • Restaurant: the best food and dishes in town.
  • Gym
  • Central of Services Stellar: Care module to access the hotel services from the Domestic Aiport and El Dorado International Airport
  • Access to broadband Internet from rooms and WIFI from anywhere in the Hotel.
  • Integrated Security Service: CCTV, 24-hour monitoring and a complete security infrastructure with electronic equipment and fire doors
  • Buffet Breakfast.
Hoteles estelar
Jose Luis Castro
AV Calle 24 # 43A-85

Hotel Estelar la Fontana

Welcome to the only hotel in Bogota surrounded by gardens and squares. Located at north of the city in one of the most prestigious districts in Bogota and in front of Unicentro shopping mall.
Its amenities:

  • 218 Rooms: Standard, Superior, Junior Suite, Junior Suite Estelar, Suite, Suite Estelar
  • Restaurante Los Arcos
  • Café Colombia
  • La Terraza
  • Bar Glasgow
  • Concierge
  • Business Center
  • Complete technology and highly professional advice
  • Internet access
  • Central of Services Estelar
  • Service module to access hotel services from the Domestic Airport and El Dorado International Airport
  • Heated Jacuzzi
  • Integral Security Service
  • 24 Hours Room Service
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Use of SPA and GYM

Thanks to our partnerships, our guests have the possibility to use several golf courses in the city.

Hoteles estelar
Luisa Mariela Rojas
Avenida Calle 127
No. 15A-10

Hotel Estelar Windsor House

The Hotel Estelar Windsor House is a five star hotel located in an exclusive sector near the 93 park district, at north of the city of Bogota, it offers guests and visitors accommodation services tailored to the needs of companies and businessmen. A hotel in which all rooms are suites.

  • 126 Rooms. Superior, Junior and suite
  • 6 Meeting rooms. Capacity between 10 and 250 people, equipped with air-conditioned and cutting edge technology
  • Bond Vivant. Formal service, breakfast and lunch, open every day
  • Bar. With a great offer of cocktails and spirits, open Monday to Friday until 11:00 pm
  • Internet room
  • Broadband Internet from the rooms and WIFI from anywhere in the hotel
  • Central of Services Estelar
  • Massage and Hairdressing Monday to Saturday, on request
  • Concierge
  • An executive specialist in providing advice on your concerns about the hotel and the city
  • Integral Security Service
  • 24 hours CCTV and a complete security infrastructure with electronic equipment, fire doors and electronic locks
  • Parking lot , 70 private available parking spaces with private security
  • Gym, exercise machines, Turkish bath, massage room, beauty services on request
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Internet Wi-Fi.
  • Use of SPA and Fitness.


Hoteles estelar
Jose Alejandro Rodríguez
Calle 95 No.9-97

Hotel Estelar Suites Jones

In the financial sector of Bogota. It has 92 refurbished rooms, Suites Superior, Junior Suite, excellent service and a convenient location close to the gastronomic, cultural and tourist areas of Bogota.

  • Cable TV, minibar, phone line, fax line, safe box and internet access
  • Sankara Restaurant: Its colorful atmosphere, varied menu with international delicious dishes will provide you great relaxation moments
  • Grandville Café Bar
  • Concierge
  • Business Center
  • Internet access
  • Central of Services Estelar
  • Gym
  • Servitravel Travel Agency
  • Laundry
  • Emermédica
  • Emergency service
  • CCTV
  • Private Transportation Service
  • Parking Lot
  • Desayuno Buffet
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Massage and Hairdressing, upon request


Hoteles estelar
John Jaime Jimenez
Calle 61 # 5 - 39

Hotel Estelar Calle 100

Located in the heart of the major sector of Calle 100 and 15th avenue, a business and commercial cluster of the capital. The hotel is very close to the most important spots, the commercial hall of the 15 avenue, the World Trade Center, the 93 Park, the T Zone and Andino, el Retiro and Atlantis shopping malls. A hotel that meets the concepts of hospitality businesses in the world; technology, agility and support for all your business trips to the city.
It has 66 standard and junior suite rooms, privacy and technology, fully equipped spaces, taking into account trends in hospitality business in the world.

All rooms have:

  • Complimentary wired and wireless internet access
  • Minibar
  • Cable TV
  • Phone
  • Safe box



  • Terrace Restaurant
  • Lobby Lounge
  • Internet Center
  • Integral Security service
  • Parking Lot
  • Gym
  • Terrace


Hoteles estelar
Eduardo Garces
Calle 100 # 14 - 46  

Hotel Estelar parque de la 93

Its versatility, comfort and the best location makes it stand out in the Colombian capital. The Hotel Estelar Parque de la 93 is one of our Prime five star line hotels, it is located the district of Chic,o a few steps from 93 Park. It has 4 multifunctional rooms that highlight by their efficiency, audiovisual technology and optimum use of space for meetings and social events; likewise guests will have access to a fully trained staff who will accompany them throughout the process of their events. The rooms have been designed keeping in mind the latest concepts of comfort, both for relaxing and for working moments. Its restaurant Muelle 11 is the starting point for a journey through the flavors of the world. It has also a spectacular Spa on the ninth floor with outdoor pool, sauna, gym and much more, offering rest and relaxation after a long workday.

Hoteles estelar
Eduardo Garces
Calle 93 # 11 - 19 

Estelar Apartamentos Aeropuerto

In the quietness of a traditional residential area and located near El Dorado International Airport, American Embassy, the International Business and Exhibition Center Corferias, Industrial Zone and the new hub for commercial development of the city.

It has 32 fully furnished apartments ready to make your visit to Bogota a practical and enjoyable trip.


Jose Luis Castro 
Calle 25B # 40 - 67  



We have a travel agency, Aviatur, within the fairgrounds where you can make reservations, buy tickets and get fully advice on travel plans


We have transportation options and car rentals, in order to meet the needs of mobilization of our customers.


  • Transfers airport - hotel and/or home/hotel-airport
  • Transfer point to point within the city
  • Transfers to availability
  • Transfers out of the city
  • Transfers for groups
  • Asistencia y recepción en los aeropuertos de
  • Assistance and reception at airports of Bogota - Medellin - Cali - Cartagena and Barranquilla.