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How to have a sucessful visit

Como lograr una visita exitosa

In order to have a successful visit to our fairs, we recommend:

  • Establish the objectives of visiting the event and start researching the exhibitors you will visit.
  • Before anything else, visit the event’s site, consult the activity agenda and prepare your own agenda for the event.
  • Look for the exhibitors that could have the product or service that you are looking for and then make a list in order to program your visits.
  • Don·t forget to ask for the map of the commercial showcase of the fair, or print it out from the event’s site.
  • Keep a schedule of the visits to the different exhibitors of your interest and a briefing of the meeting you had.
  • Register your electronic equipment (laptops, video cameras, among others) during the entry in the given aceess points. This is in order to prevent future problems.
  • I our specialized events you can register in the business matchmaking which is a service of CORFERIAS which aims to provide commercial contacts among the professionals of the sector.
  • If you enrolled in the business matchmaking, please be punctual in your meetings and try to keep a relation aspect of the subjects you want to talk about with your counterpart.
  • Remember that in some of our specialized fairs, the professional visitor, once it is enrolled, it can obtain an ID that will give him free access to the fair.
  • Corferias offers a package storage service that apart from storing packages, you will find: carts to carry children, wheel chairs, and shopping carts.
  • Remember that depending on your form of entry (Honor ID, C-Fiel card, invitation, general ticket, IDs given by the corporation) you will have a determined access point for your own comfort.
  • Don’t forget that Corferias has a food alley with a great variety restaurants.
  • Try taking with you several business cards in order to give them to the different exhibitors.
  • Only take the necessary material according to the objectives of your visit.