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Reasons to be a visitor

Ser visitante de las feria de Corferias

The fairs are the best place to find a great commercial showcase with a great number of suppliers, which means to have many options at the moment of having a good service within a given sector.

In the fairs we can also prove the characteristics of the products before their purchase, the demonstrations and the presentation of new products and / or services, it gives us the possibility of comparing quality and prices among all the suppliers of a given market.

During the fairs, you can consult the technical personnel of the different companies about anything in relationship with users or customers. The alternate events during the fairs such as congresses and seminaries help the visitor to be up to date in the different sectors represented in the fair.

Corferias offers a business and exposition center that includes a great variety of additional services such as information points, parking lots, food alleys, convention center, restrooms, and many more, which make the visit to the fair a comfortable and safe visit.