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       1. How do I obtain a tax certificate for my CORFERIAS shares?

           You can generate it by email, at the address nriveros@corferias.com or jlopezg@corferias.com where you can give your          shareholder details, and the request will be answered.

        2. How can I buy CORFERIAS shares?

    Through securities brokers on the Colombian securities exchange BVC. See www.corferias.com, in the section "shareholders", for the link which sends you directly to the section on BVC brokers. Click here to consult BVC brokers. Click on the following link to view this section.  

        3. Is CORFERIAS a public or a private company?

            CORFERIAS is a private company, and its majority shareholder is the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, representing the interests  of the business sector and society in general.

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