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Important information for exhibitors

Unscrupulous people are using the name of Corferias, as well as its image, its institutional emails and the image of its different fairs and events, to offer services related to these, through calls and/or sending emails with quotes where Corferias corporate documents are attached, as well as account numbers to which they must make the payment.

Keep in mind that all information that leaves Corferias has its institutional and official domain, which corresponds to (user name)@corferias.com, in no case do we use domains such as @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, to send information corporate type.

Do not provide any type of information, or make any type of money transaction to the accounts that these people indicate. Any concern or doubt related to your participation in the fair, please contact the contact details that appear for each fair, on the official Corferias website www.corferias.com in the "Fairs and Events" tab.

We are working to report this type of scam and we will notify the competent entities in order to initiate the corresponding legal actions.

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