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Everything you need to know to experience the fairs and events in 2021

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Learn how we prepare as a biosecure district for events and fairs that promote mutual self-care.

1. Certifications

We have the CHECK IN CERTIFICATE biosafety seal, which is a certification created by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, which aims to accredit spaces as adequate for the self-care of visitors, by offering elements that minimize the risks of contagion.

In addition, the venues also received the SAFE GUARD seal developed by Bureau Veritas Certification at the international level, which involves an additional evaluation of the biosafety measures that companies have implemented in a position to reopen their facilities as biosecure spaces.


2. How do we access these certifications?

These certifications are voluntary, and are generated from external audits that review, evaluate and guarantee compliance with the requirements and requirements set forth in current regulations.

The certification process consists of validating and evaluating compliance with the requirements or biosafety measures contemplated in Resolution 666 of 2020 and in the specific regulations for each sector, through a certifying body. Therefore, we structure the Corferias Biosafety Protocol, processes and procedures, system, controls, among others, in order to involve in these, all the measures that have been implemented inside the enclosures; Corferias Bogotá, Ágora and Puerta de Oro, Centro de Eventos del Caribe, for the fulfillment of the normative requirements in matter of biosafety.

In the month of September 2020, the inspection by Bureau Veritas Certification was received, in which the CHECK IN CERTIFICATE AND SAFE GUARD certifications were obtained, having compliance with all the requirements. These were again subjected to inspection for recertification last March 2021 and again generated the guarantee for this year.

3. How is the fair calendar for this 2021 planned?

This year, Corferias has prepared a different fair calendar with biosecure, virtual or hybrid face-to-face spaces that will unite the best of both worlds. The fairs and events are transformed into 4.0 versions that will be available not only for a certain date of the year but 365 days a year, with content, activities, webinars, guests, trade shows and other components. Get to know here the fairs 4.0.


Corferias, Ágora Bogotá and Puerta de Oro, the Caribbean event center, are ready for an upcoming biosecurity reunion, with all the conditions for your self-care and mutual care.

Remember that the well-being and successful development of fairs and events is in your hands.


The facilities of the venues have certifications that accredit them as biosecure places, for the realization of fairs and events.


The biosafety protocol has the following:

  • Marking of spaces with clear indications for self-care and mutual care
  • Capacity monitoring through state-of-the-art technology
  • Trained staff to guide visiting audiences
  • Spaces adapted to guarantee social distancing of at least 2 meters for each person
  • Antibacterial gel stations
  • Fixed and portable sinks
  • Adapted spaces to ensure adequate flow of ventilation and visitors
  • Disinfection every three hours of common areas
  • First aid care points

Recommendations for your self-care and mutual care

  • Take advantage of digital channels to purchase your tickets to fairs and events. This will make your entry process smoother and with less contact. Additional guarantees your assistance, taking into account that there will be a security capacity control.
  • When entering the venue, make sure to move around keeping your minimum safety distance.
  • Remember that it is mandatory that you wear your mask well, covering the nose and mouth completely. Avoid taking it off during your visit to the venue.
  • Be attentive to the signs in the areas and spaces.
  • Avoid physical contact as much as possible, with other visitors and exhibitors
  • Check the number of allowed capacity before entering each area, and respect it to ensure your safety and that of everyone.
  • If you have questions, ask the staff for directions or enter the online sites where you can find information (official website of the fair or event you visit or our Corferias app).

Other channels available for you

  • It has the Corferias app to know aspects such as programming, location of spaces for each fair, protocols, etc.
  • Access the official site of the fair to know specific details of the event such as schedules, parking spaces, guests who will be there by day, among others.
  • Go to the first aid point of the enclosure where you are if you have any complications.
  • Complement your experience on site, with the virtual scenarios that have been arranged at each fair or event.


Keep these 5 recommendations in mind:

  • Together, we are an example of good management of self-care and mutual care tools, which is why it is important to wear a mask covering nose and mouth at all times.
  • If you need commercial information, remember that you can also access the digital channels of the fair, through your email, app and other means available for effective communication
  • Take care and control the capacity of your stand
  • Be creative and provide biosecure experiences with your brand at your stand
  • Be a spokesperson and disseminate through your networks what you are offering at the fair you participate and the biosafety protocols available at the venue, so that your clients visit it with the confidence of a biosecure environment where we all take care of ourselves.

To access all documentation for exhibitors



Thank you for making it possible!

Together we achieved the reactivation of the country's economy.

Next, find the documentation related to protocols, which you should know as a trade fair exhibitor.

  • Considerations biosafety standards for fairs and events (Esp) See document
  • Exhibitor's Guide (Esp)See document
  • Instructions for biosafety protocol stand physical space fairs and events (spanish pdf format) See document
  • Requirements Secretary of Health Feria del Hogar (Esp)Ver documento
  • Biosecurity Protocols (Esp) See document
  • Biosecurity Protocol (Eng) See document
  • Biosecurity standards considerations for trade shows and events (Eng) See document
  • Certification of cleaning and disinfection of merchandise and elements that enter the premises (Esp) See document
  • Certification of cleaning and disinfection of goods and elements that enter the fairground (Eng)See document
  • Instructions for biosecurity protocols stand or physical spaces (Eng)See document



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